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A group of gene panels linked to the onset of different types of hereditary cancer, including one comprehensive panel

Gene panels to identify genetic variants associated with cancer susceptibility, including 19 hereditary cancer panels that test for up to 62 genes

Diagnostic solution combining histopathology and genetic tests to diagnose a tumor. The results can provide information on the prognosis and severity of the cancer and treatment options for the patient

Genetic analysis of a tumor’s molecular characteristics using a proprietary target capture enrichment technology. Our panels include 2 comprehensive, 6 cancer-specific and 5 gene-focused tumor profile panels.

Our liquid biopsy portfolio can provide guidance for targeted therapies safely, non-invasively and precisely, overcoming some of the challenges associated with tumor biopsy

Gene panels categorized into 4 different cardiac and aortic disease groups, including 3 comprehensive panels

Gene panels include 7 disease category panels and 1 comprehensive panel (292 genes)

Diagnostic solution combining 2 or more genetic testing methodologies to diagnose children with global developmental delay

Testing for the carrier status of autosomal recessive disorders or X-linked disorders

Detection of the most common fetal aneuploidies and microdeletions (all included in VERAgene as well) which occur more frequent with advanced maternal age. VERACITY has been validated by several clinical studies for single and twin pregnancies, and can also be used in pregnancies conceived through in-vitro fertilization (IVF)

Simultaneous screen for aneuploidies (included in VERACITY), microdeletions and monogenic diseases provides a comprehensive solution to prospective parents using a single test. Genetic diseases screened in VERAgene are associated with significant impact on life quality

With non-invasive fetal Rhesus factor (RhD) determination, RhD negative pregnant women can have their blood tested to determine the RhD of their unborn child

Preimplantation genetic testing to optimize IVF success

Tests for genetic changes (mutations) associated with infertility, thereby, giving personalized insight for family planning

Understand how whole exome sequencing can help diagnose cases that do not fit into a phenotypic category from our rare disease panels


Genetic testing and reporting of a fixed number of genes for gamete donors and/or recipients, as per prespecified panel.

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