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Our editors are a diverse group of scientists and physicians specialized in different areas of genetics and genetic testing technologies. Owing to our various backgrounds, our editors represent a broad range of expertise and are responsible for the content shared on our website. Only evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and up-to-date content is shared, and all text is continuously edited to maximize its correctness.

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Tanja Hinrichsen, Dipl. Ing.

Department of Molecular Oncology, specialized in genetics of hematological neoplasms and solid tumors

Anne Holtdorf, PhD

Department of Molecular Oncology , specialized in genetics of hereditary cancer syndromes

Konstanze Hörtnagel, MD

Department of Human Genetics, Clinical geneticist and genetic counsellor with a special emphasis on rare hereditary diseases and analysis of NGS data

Alexander Moscu-Gregor, MSc

Department of Molecular Genetics, specialized in cardiogenetics (channelopathies) 

Katrin-Janine Goldmann, PhD

Department of Metabolic Disorders, specialized in metabolic disorders, incl. lipid/lysosomal storage disorders​, MODY​, lactose/fructose intolerance​, obesity​, newborn screening​

Oliver Wachter

Core Facility​, Responsible for routine diagnostic procedures, optimization, assay development and implementation

Markus Stumm, PhD

Medicover Genetics Berlin​ Laboratory, Specialized in cytogenetics, cytogenomics and prenatal diagnostics​

Monika Morak, PhD

Department of Molecular Genetics, Genome Sequencing Project​, Specialized in whole exome and whole genome sequencing

Nevine Shalaby, PhD

Product Management, Geneticist and developmental biologist

Tu Tran, MSc

Product Management, Background in neurogenetics