The acquisition of NIPD Genetics is completed (Jan 18, 2022)

The acquisition of NIPD Genetics, a leading innovative biotechnology company based in Cyprus, active in the field of designing, developing, producing, and providing genetic testing solutions, is completed.

With the closing of the NIPD Genetics acquisition process, we are at the starting line of a new growth chapter. Genetic testing is becoming a central pillar in diagnostic testing, and the acquisition will advance our ambition to lead this field. The new technology and know-how that we will integrate, powered up with our global reach will enable us to become a market leader in genetic testing. I am looking forward to meeting and working alongside our new colleagues and opening a new chapter in our business.”, said Staffan Ternström, COO, Diagnostic Services, Medicover.

For both companies, this is a major step towards our shared objective of becoming an international market leader in genetic diagnostics. New opportunities and levels of growth are expected, combining NIPD Genetics’ proprietary technology platform assisted by highly educated and experienced employees with Medicover Genetics’ extensive expertise in genetic testing and its clinical team of scientists, physicians and medical geneticists.

About Medicover: Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company and was founded in 1995. Medicover operates a large number of ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities, laboratories and blood-drawing points and the largest markets are Poland and Germany. In 2020, Medicover had revenue of EUR 998 million and more than 32,000 employees.

About NIPD Genetics: NIPD Genetics is a leading innovative biotechnology company based in Cyprus, active in the field of designing, developing, producing and providing in vitro genetic testing solutions. NIPD Genetics’ proprietary technology platform and bioinformatics solutions cover all types of genetic conditions in any part of the human genome and apply to many applications from routine DNA analysis to complex, proprietary non-invasive testing solutions like NIPT and Liquid Biopsy. NIPD Genetics offers advanced genetic testing services in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.