A digital experience: COVID-19 Test Centre opens at Munich Airport providing results within three to six hours (Nov 3, 2020)

Medicover Genetics and MVZ Martinsried opened COVID-19 Test Centre at Munich Airport, Terminal 2, on Monday, October 5. Business travellers and holidaymakers passing through Munich Airport now have access to fast and highly digitalized RT-PCR COVID-19 testing. Travellers can schedule an appointment for the self-pay test on and receive results directly on their mobile phone within 3 – 6 hours. The test centre is operated by MVZ Martinsried with the of support FMG (Flughafen München GmbH), MediCare (Flughafen München Medizinisches Zentrum GmbH), Mikrogen Diagnostik and GNA BioSolutions.  

The new "Test & Fly" centre at Munich Airport helps travellers to avoid a mandatory quarantine upon reaching their destination as is currently enforced by many countries if the traveller cannot provide a medical report confirming no signs of a COVID-19 infection. They can book the appointment online, and pay in advance, using their credit card. Upon arrival in the main building an identity check is performed, followed by sample collection via a painless throat swab. Within 3 – 6 hours, a push message is sent to their mobile phone announcing that the results are ready. These are conveniently colour-coded with a green colour indicating the test result is negative. The full medical report is also sent as a file via email, to facilitate country entry.

The “Test & Fly” concept meets an important lifestyle demand as people resume travelling, whether for business or leisure. This fast and reliable testing solution helps travellers enjoy their trip right away and comply with frequently changing travel requirements. The service is adapted to the digital age, with booking, receiving results and payments done exclusively from the phone”, says Dr. Hanns-Georg Klein, Managing and Medical Director of MVZ Martinsried GmbH.

In response to the plans and pilot projects of airlines to introduce obligatory rapid corona testing with antigen detection — especially for long-haul flights — the laboratory MVZ Martinsried is planning to introduce the rapid antigen tests in the test centre at the airport.

The test centre at Munich Airport is operated by MVZ Martinsried with support from the MediCare and Munich Airport (FMG), Mikrogen Diagnostik as well as GNA Biosolution. The centre, located directly in the airport to shorten the time from obtaining the sample to providing the result, is equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies available for PCR testing.

MVZ Martinsried, founded in 1998 in Martinsried near Munich, is an integrated clinical laboratory offering a wide range of diagnostic tests as well as related medical services. MVZ Martinsried also provides competent medical advice to airlines and Munich Airport interpreting and assessing the changing demands and regulations, developing COVID-19 testing plans and prevention strategies, and providing support with its long-standing medical expertise.

Since Jan 2019, MVZ Martinsried is part of Medicover - a leading international Healthcare and Diagnostic Services company founded in 1995 (