Medicover Genetics and Damian Medical Centre working together to enhance genetic diagnostics (Sep, 2021)

Medicover Genetics and Damian Medical Centre established a strategic partnership, offering meaningful and comprehensive genetic diagnostics in Poland.

The partnership brings together expert physicians from diverse areas of medicine working at the Damian Medical Centre clinics, including specialists in oncology and paediatrics, with modern predictive and diagnostic tests developed by Medicover Genetics. These were developed using state-of-the-art sequencing and bioinformatics platforms, offering genetic testing to the general population in Poland.

“With this strategic partnership, we are now in the position to offer people living in Poland previously unavailable genetic diagnostics and counselling, to help them be more proactive about their health. At Damian hospitals, expert physicians can guide patients through their diagnostic journey and provide the right information about genetic testing and genetic disorders”, says Marek Kubicki, General Manager, Damian Medical Centre.

Medicover Genetics’ first flagship product – Hereditary Cancer Panels Predict & Prevent – will be available to patients with a strong family history of cancer, providing them with information that prompts them to undergo routine monitoring and a chance to identify cancer during its early stages. This is also a product for young cancer patients who would like to find out if the disease has a genetic cause. Predict & Prevent includes 14 different organ-specific gene panels and one comprehensive panel with 54 genes.

Sequencing will be performed at the main Medicover Genetics laboratory in Martinsried, Germany, while the sequencing data analysis and generation of the molecular genetic report will be carried out locally by Damian’s experienced geneticists. Damian’s medical geneticists will offer genetic counselling to the patient whenever needed.

“We are very excited taking this step towards extending our customer base in Poland by entering the partnership with Damian Medical Centre. Together, we will take a step towards a better integrated healthcare offering for our patients. Being able to provide expert opinions and genetic counselling alongside of state-of-the-art genetic diagnostics and delivering medical reports directly in Polish, is what sets this initiative apart in the market. We are committed to providing the best possible care throughout the whole patient journey and we will continue to expand our diagnostic offering in Poland in the months to come”, says Dr. Stefan Mehrle, Head of Genetics, Diagnostic Services, Medicover.