Medicover Genetics attended the largest genetics conference in Europe (Jun, 2022)

Medicover Genetics recently marked its attendance at the 55th edition of the largest genetics conference in Europe, European Human Genetics Conference, held in Vienna, from 11 to 14 June 2022. A team of scientists and medical representatives from Germany, Poland and Romania presented the product portfolio to potential customers and discussed ways to partner together to create a smooth genetic testing journey for patients and physicians around the world.

“Resuming in-person events is absolutely crucial for us as scientists, because we gain so much from face-to-face discussions following an interesting talk or standing in front of a poster, than we do from virtual presentations or online meetings. Additionally, we were excited to have the opportunity to meet our partners again, make connections with new partners and learn about the latest developments in the field of genetics. Particular attention was paid to our displayed products at our booths and the symposium presented by our colleagues at NIPD Genetics.” said, Dr. Nevine Shalaby, Product Lead, Medicover Genetics.

As part of Medicover, NIPD Genetics was also present at the event, holding a symposium attended by more than 200 people interested to hear about NIPD’s versatile technology platform and liquid biopsy tests. Both teams presented more than 10 posters describing new findings in genetic testing in the fields of reproductive health, rare diseases and oncology.

Over 3900 participants, from 81 countries, both onsite and online, have benefited from a thorough scientific program, including symposia, poster presentations, workshops and meetings at the booths, discovering the most exciting advancements in the field of human genetics. The main goal of the conference is to update the audience on emerging concepts, mechanisms, and technologies in human genetics, simultaneously providing a broad view of the progress made in the different areas of our discipline.