Medicover Genetics – working together for the medicine of the future (Oct, 2021)

October 2021 – Weimar (Germany) – Medicover Genetics held its first annual interdisciplinary genetics meeting (GEM) where scientists, medical geneticists, laboratory technicians and colleagues from sales and marketing presented their work and discussed about the future of genetic testing and its impact on healthcare.

More than 40 colleagues from both Medicover divisions – Diagnostic Services and Healthcare Services – coming from Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, gathered for three days of discussions, learnings, and networking. GEM was an opportunity for scientists and clinicians involved in genetic testing to present their latest developments and future directions. Given the diversity of our healthcare systems and genetic testing regulations, we had a lot to learn from each other and meeting in person established a strong collaborative atmosphere. This understanding will help us as a group to continue to offer comprehensive and meaningful genetic tests across our geographies.

During the first day, the speakers presented an overview of Medicover Genetics, the impact of marketing in healthcare as well as the product development strategy. Staffan Ternström, COO Diagnostic Services, highlighted the contribution of Medicover Genetics to the division as part of Medicover’s business strategy.  Stefan Mehrle, Head of Genetics, Diagnostics Services, talked about the business outlook and expansion strategy. With ethical issues critical to conducting our genetics operations, the conference benefited from the valuable inputofDr. Andrew Vallance-Owen, CMO Medicover: "The ethics conversation must be an integral part to our approach. Our multicultural environment and the diverse expertise of our teams is impressive and will be key to our future growth as experts in genetics and healthcare."

Day two was dedicated to genetic topics related to Exome sequencing in clinical diagnostics, Cardiology and Oncology (Hereditary and Somatic Cancers), where participants presented the latest findings in their fields, advantages of genetic testing and shared best practices through case studies.

Reproductive health and metabolic disorders were at the core of the discussions during the last day of the event, along with other interesting diagnostics including mitochondrial disorders and whole genome sequencing, offering participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and provide potential insights for current and future challenges.

The conference demonstrated the importance of sharing knowledge and achieving synergies across the division through close collaboration between Diagnostic Services and Healthcare Services. New projects are lined up for implementation in the coming months, as part of Medicover Genetics business expansion strategy, thereby strengthening our international position.