Scientific Background

PreSENTIA hereditary Parathyroid cancer panel tests for numerous germline mutations that could cause parathyroid cancers in the future. Identifying germline mutations associated with cancer susceptibility empowers healthcare providers and patients, as it allows them to take better and more informed decisions.


Who is this test for?

According to genetic testing guidelines, people who might benefit from genetic testing for parathyroid cancers are those that have:

  • • At least two first-degree family member who have had parathyroid tumors
  • • A personal or family history of a hereditary cancer syndrome associated with parathyroid cancer
  • • A family member that has been diagnosed with a germline mutation associated with cancer susceptibility


How many genes are tested in this panel?

1 gene


How many hereditary cancer syndromes are associated with this panel?

1 Hereditary cancer syndrome is associated with this panel. This is:

  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1)
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